Sunday, January 30, 2011

Starcraft + Razer = Blinking lights

Just the other day I purchased one of three razer products specially made for Starcraft 2. Since I do most of my late night gaming on my alienware m17x i thought a full sized keyboard would be of most help. 
I purchased this board for about $143AU from computer parts (and yes that is a fair bit for a board).
Well basically, this keyboard is not FULL SIZED. Well it does have the full length qwerty keys BUT the numpads and the directional keys are mashed up. I thought this was a bit silly since this keyboard was intentionally designed for Starcraft 2 gamers. And as someone who plays starcraft you would know some people do use these directional keys to glide through the map. Personally, i do not so this wasnt such a big problem for me. 
The keys are all nicely polished with a nice matte feel which is such a delight to push. Responsiveness is good with the 1ms respsonse time that is featured. TWO gold plated USB plugs are required to power this keyboard which is connected via a 7 foot braided cable (standard for gaming periherals). The touch and the feel of the keyboard is quite great, though it does not come with a wrist rest which can be quite uncomfortable for long gaming seshs.
Now to the main feature, the APM lighting system which runs through the entire keys layout. It also lights up under the board on both ends and 4 distinctive lighting on the top and bottom of the board. there are around 16 colors i think. and changes according to your current apms. the lighting also changes for certain circumstances. for example when youre base is under attack, the board will blink red. which is quite cool to look at.
the settings for the colors of lighting can be changed from the razer configurator which is not included in the box. instead a manual with a website directory is included to advise you where to download the utility. i thought this was a bit lame since i have paid a fair bit of money and they couldnt even afford to give me a disc, LIKE LAWL. 
all in all this board is alright, the cool thing is that it blinks and shit with mad colors other than that its quite standard. 150$? i should of considered the razer blackwidow mechanical keyboard which is roughly the same price.
i guess this piece of equipment is for die hard starcraft fans but even then i dont think they would think anything of it.

P.S. this is in no way a review, rather just my personal experience and thoughts of such an equipment

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